What usually happens at a cadet open day?

Okay so I decided to try out a different squadron because I’m not happy at my current one. There’s an open day at the next squadron near me and I’m wondering what usually happens? What clothes should I wear and what will we be doing. Thank you

Every open evening is diffrent so you could be doing anything. But it would be something along the lines of being shown round the squdron and introduced to the staff. You would technically be transfering squdron because you’re already apart of one, so you could wear your uniform or you could wear normal clothes.

what did you wear the first few nights at your current Squadron?

there is no set “dress code” I remember my first interaction i came down in bog standard civilian clothes although nowadays some Squadron suggest recruits come down in School uniform (I am against this as they have been wearing it since 0800 and will be wearing it close to 14 hours by the time they leave…!)

what usually happens?

tends to have a talk of the opportunities on other both in the organisation and specific to the unit where there might be a speciality or uniqueness.
perhaps a “tour” of the Squadron with stands with display board examples of flying/gliding, camos, shooting, fieldcraft and Adventure training…

that is fair generic but a good expectation

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My other squadron didn’t do an open day. So for my first night I just wore joggers and a t shirt. But I’m wondering if I should wear jeans if we’re talking to the staff and it’s more formal like that

do as you did before - unless you want to be more formal.

they will treat you as a brand new recruit who doesn’t know better (as they’ll not know you’re previous experience at a different Sqn until you mention it) so wear whatever you feel comfortable in. there is no rules or right or wrong as it is an open day.

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