What time you allowed into sqn

Right I’ve been a cadet for nearly 4 years. I used to arrive at sqn at 18:20 every parade night. But suddenly we were told we aren’t allowed in until 18:30. 2 weeks later it’s changed to 18:45. This has only just come about and I ask staff why this has happened and apparently it’s to do with insurance? Can anyone back this up?

It will depend what time your squadron officially opens

There won’t be much of an answer here. For instance, we don’t open until approx 1850 for a 1900 start.

Purely because that’s when we start.

I don’t allow any cadets into the building until 18:45 simply due to safeguarding, I normally open up and it’s a 10-15 min wait till other staff arrive. I don’t want a situation where I’m in the building by myself with a lone cadet.

We can’t comment here on your specific squadrons opening time but you don’t really have much choice but to follow the instructions not to arrive until 18:45. If you have a problem I would speak directly to your NCOs or staff team.


Yeah cheers for that everyone. Plus it’s not like there’s only one staff member in the sqn. There’s 3 and about 15 cadets outside waiting :joy:

Open around 1830, cadets arrive around 1850 onwards start for 1910.

The time a sqn open will depend largely when staff can get there. We try and open up at 1840, but it can be later. So it might be that changes to staff day jobs, means things have had to change.

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To be frank, if the staff have said that they don’t want cadets to arrive before a certain time - they will have a reason for this.
It doesn’t actually matter what that reason is; just go with it.