What skills are Mayors looking for in a Mayor's Cadet Applicant?

I’m currently writing my CV, which when complete I intend to use in my effort to earn the appointment of Mayor’s Cadet. What skills would he or she be looking for and what should I highlight? Also, in the process of becoming a Mayor’s Cadet, would I contact their office first, or go through my squadron?

You should definitely approach your Squadron OC in the first instance. They will need to liaise with Wing HQ.

Why? Am I missing something? What’s it got to do with WHQ?

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LLC nominations come through WHQ, at least in my neck of the woods. We don’t have Lord Mayors Cadets but would presume it may operate in a similar manner.

It will probably differ by wing.


LLC is handled at wing level for us to ensure the right candidate.

@Hawker how it normally works is the mayor’s office will approach the OC Sqn to say their is a vacancy for the role. OC Sqn selects cadets to undergo selection, mayors cadet is selected then the inevitable cadets in no 1s argument is triggered

LLC I get, but this is about a town mayor. Not Lord Mayor or LLC. That’s why I’m confused, I don’t remember seeing anything saying it needs to go through WHQ for that.


Anyway, we have a Mayor’s cadet. It is a trophy at our annual awards evening and goes to someone who contributes to the local community. We try and select someone we know will be able to attend some of the civic events, someone mature enough to be able to make small talk with dignitaries and someone smart enough to be a good representation of our organisation and not show me up.

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Our Mayors Cadet is nominated by the OC. (Me)


Same. Mayor’s office contacts the Sqn, Sqn selects someone suitable - usually a community focused cadet, regular volunteer, achieved well, looks well turned out in uniform, and reliable (able to commit to events and actually turn up).


my local town is soon to be run by a new mayor, the previous two didnt have mayors cadets so im assuming were unaware of such thing or not looking for one, does this change anything? Also linking to my other question, what skills would be best to highlight?

It will be the mayor’s choice to have them so if the previous 2 didnt have them it’s unlikely that the new one will as they will follow tradition…never say never though

Skills wise- need to have a high standard of uniform, professionalism, ability to carry out small talk with VIPs, maturity and probably most importantly commitment to attend dates…there will be an expectation that you drop what you have planned to to attend the function at the mayor’s request.



Our WExO claims they don’t have enough time as it is so adding 20+ Mayor’s Cadet applications to deal with to the work load will probably end up seeing FS Jones from 123 (Anytown) Sqn appointed to Townville’s Mayor the other side of the Wing!

sounds like a case of “we’ve always done it that way” - which can be dangerous

approaching the new Mayor and indicating the positives and increased engagement is only a way to make the Mayor look better which they will be keen on (obviously)

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Would suggest it should be the OC (or at least Adj deputising) writing to the mayor to make the case the case.

“it is common practice throughout the UK, blah blah, benefit to you, benefit to cadets, benefit to community, etc.”


Our Chair does that sort of thing, since it’s a civic thing and fits into the sort of people who make up most of our Committee.

Or that. Fair point.

Depends who can write a better letter! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My Chair has many fingers in many pies and sees lots of people about lots of different dogs. :joy:

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I’m not suggesting that applications need to go through Wing HQ, I said that the cadet should approach their OC and not go straight to the Mayor. I then said that the OC will need to liaise with Wing HQ, which they will. If this cadet gets appointed as a Mayor’s cadet then Wing HQ will need to at least be aware that the mayor is holding events at which a lone cadet will be attending, presumably in uniform.

I think only it’s Lord Mayors (who chair the local county, principal area, U.A, district, metropolitan borough or London borough) how have a Lord Mayor’s Cadet. Town mayors are a more informal position who chair a parish council which has been awarded the status of a town and I believe they do not have a cadet. A mayor’s territorial designation may be a town (e.g. Bolton, Dudley, Harrogate, Plymouth plus hundreds more) but that doesn’t neccessarily mean that they are a town mayor. Those four places are boroughs are metropolitan boroughs, districts or UA’s and so will have their own Lord Mayor. Other towns (e.g. Blyth, Bridgnorth, Weston-Super Mare and hundreds more) are not UA’s, boroughs or districts and so will have a parish council with a town mayor instead.

Here is are lists of all of the principal areas, districts, metropolitan boroughs and London boroughs. See if your local town is listed. If so, it will have a Lord Mayor who may have a Lord Mayor’s cadet. If not your local town is probably governed by a parish council who will have a mayor as opposed to a Lord Mayor and will probably not have a Lord Mayor’s cadet.
England: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_districts
Wales: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_government_in_Wales#Principal_areas_of_Wales
Northern ireland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_districts_in_Northern_Ireland_by_population

Elected mayors such as the Mayor of London do not have a Lord Mayor’s cadets. Hope this helps

Sorry dude, wrong.

(Well only a Lord Mayor would have a Lord Mayor’s Cadet, so half wrong I suppose)