What size flannelette for No8?

now i would like to state from the start, in ALL my experience as Staff and Cadet i have used a 45mm x 45mm piece of flannelette for the number 8 rifle.

the reason i ask the question and start this thread is as follows:

as a recently qualified SAAI last weekend was my first time teaching the No8 rifle and thus the first time to study the “PAM” (ACP18) in any detail in preperation for my lesson. i have recieved copies through various sources resulting in two (one .doc, one .pdf) copies both dated June 2003.

in doing so i found in lesson 2 (cleaning) Para 15. E indicates

for a start i know of no cleaning rod for the number 8, but importantly the size of fannelette differs to all my years of experience.
the whole paragraphs looks like it has been lifted from the L81 PAM/equilvalent ACP.

i checked with the exercise controller and his copy of ACP18 (also dated June 2003) also said the same.

my question to the boards - is there an updated (correct) ACP18/relevant PAM and if so where should i look to find it?

Cleaning rods exist but I believe they’re private purchase. 50x30 is the correct size but 45x45 works perfectly well. I recall hearing talk of the No.8 being included in PAM 5C but I can’t remember if this actually happened.

as op claret said, cleaning rods DO exist but are rare as the proverbial rocking horse doo-doo. I used them on my WI© course, which was the first time I’d seen one for anything smaller than 7.62, and I never saw one since, until I found two rods, and two jags, all of indeterminate calibre, and none of them fitting each other.

as for flannelette - I’ve always used 45x45mm, even on my WI course (iirc). PAM5C has nothing on No.8, and PAM21C says “Prior to taking WHTs Cadets and CFAVs are to have completed the rifle lessons
contained in The Cadet Manual”, which as far as I know is ACP18 for us