What radio

Hi just wondering if PRC 351/2 Radios can be used at squadron? thanks :slight_smile:

Probably not useful if you only have one?
Not sure off the frequencies/power/mode covered by these radios.

There is always the matter of spares/repairs/batteries and other support to keep them going too.

As mike-foxtrot-lima says, you need two minimum for comms (apologies for restating the obvious).

The ACO is cleared to use just two VICTOR channels on the band covered by these radios, V3 and V5, over most of the UK, but with a couple of geographic exceptions. You must be guided by your SRO/WRO on this, especially for any use on channels other than those two specific frequencies.

I’ve used these in the past, and they are tough but prone (nowadays) to failure. I’ve also repaired them. They are the radio equivalent of Landrovers: in all the good ways, and all the bad ways


Sadly, there are all sorts of modern-day alternatives: but not many with the same guts and class as CLANSMAN.


One the other hand, if you are offered a FOC pallet-load with all the support bits; remember all your friends on the forum here!

I did say Radios :wink: meaning more than one… as regards to SRO/WRO we don’t have one and they are not on the “whos who” either, are there any rules to operating off Victor frequencies? say on an Exercise? Yes i agree there are more modern alternatives but ive always favoured the classic clansman radios in the backpacks… gives the patrolling cadets a more “ally” feel to have a designated radio man

You surely must have even an acting Wing Radio Officer? Only they would be able to authorise the use of channels other than the basic Victor approved within the tac VHF range that the radios cover. Don’t be tempted to use it outwith the allocations: it’s a busy (and monitored) part of the spectrum, frequented by operational users.

Agreed, Clansman is absolutely great, tougher than old boots. However, having lugged a PRC-320, complete with spare batteries and full ancilleries up far too many hills in the past, I’ll say that when it comes to weight, you can get too much of a good thing.


Yes you can use Clansman VHF PRC 351 & 352 radios on your Squadron, I use Clansman VHF 349, 351,352 & the Clansman VRC 353 radios to teach,instruct the ACO VHF Provisional and full Operator syllabus, I also use the Clansman HF PRC 320 & VRC HF 321 for teaching the ACO HF Operator module. There are two ‘commonly used’ VHF Channels allocated for use by the ACO, there are other VHF Channels allocated for VHF use by the ACO BUT these have restrictions to them so best talk to your SRO/WRO first.
From your question, I take it that yor squadron has got or is going to get this kit also what squadron are you with and which Region are you in? As I may be able to help further on this matter.

Wow, a 321!? Now that’s a beast…last one I used was in the back of an FFR Land Rover, at least 8 years ago. I’d love to get one for the Sqn some day…

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]IjivuTKI1UI[/video]


What you really need for your SQN HQ is a the 1255 set.
Where can I get one.

What’s a 1255? I’m unsure of that number…it’s not related to the classic WW2 RAF R1155, by any chance? I have one of them, which eventually (Risk Assesments permitting) may eventually become a squadron asset.

[video width=425 height=344 type=youtube]dqcsENHNbM4[/video]


Oddly it was fitted on ships, but it was in that odd shade of green.

To operate : use the knobs to enter your frequency (1.7 offset for USB voice)
Press the black button (Automatic ATU). When the light comes on - its ready.

(Forgot to say switch on - but it was never switched off, as had to be ready at moments notice)