What polish to use?

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What polish should be used on MOD brown boots with MTP? I currently use “dark tan” by kiwi. Can this be used?

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Sacrilege, but did your boots come with the care guide? There’s usually a recommendation in there.

Usually brown Leder Gris, but mid tan polish is the best substitute if it’s all you can get hold of quickly and you can’t afford to wait.

Dark tan has a habit (not always, but enough) of turning boots burgundy over time.

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You say that like it’s a bad thing, nothing like a pair of issues “bovver boots”

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I always use ledergris. Of course I wear AKUs these days so I don’t polish anything. :smiley:


I would say get hold of some Alt-berg leder gris, even if your boots aren’t Alt-bergs - standard polish, whether kiwi or any other brand, has a tendency to turn some boots purple.

While I’m a man who believes that a little rebellion is good for the soul, even I might think that purple boots was moving a little further than was appropriate…


I used to polish my RAF-issue Altbergs with kiwi dark tan and they were fine, just a little darker than they came out of the box.

The ones I paid for myself, I polish with Leder Gris and Leder Glos!

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One other thing is that the leather that your albergs or YDS boots are made of will be different to the type on the old assault boots. Using kiwi on it them will affect the breathability of the leather, especially if you are a crazy person and bull them. Best stick with ledergris. Save the shiny shiny for parade shoes.


Hi, I have ordered leder Gris. But as I said I have used dark tan on my boots already. Is there a way of getting rid of the dark tan that’s already ? If not do I put the leder Gris on top on the dark tan? Many thanks

Not really. But prepping with an off brush and then a firm rub down with a cloth could take off some excess.

The leder gris will be worked in over time and you shouldn’t have any ill-effects. I wouldn’t worry too much.

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yeah brown kiwi is absolutely fine, if you want to splash a little more cash you could also put some Nikwax on to make it more durable and waterproofed

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