What is the highest award/honour for a cadet?

What would count as being the highest honour/level of achievement available in cadets? I’ve heard some people say QAIC or JL and other people say being Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet. Is there anything else that is kind of the top tier of cadets?

Dacre Sword. Awarded to the top cadet in the corps every year.


Aim high: Sea cadet, 17, is awarded British Empire Medal in Queen’s Birthday Honours | Romford Recorder


QAIC/JL aren’t really awards/honours. They are courses.
LLC, in some wings could be considered an honour, in others it’s muggins turn.
There’s the Dacre Sword(best male ATC)/ATC75 Sword(Best female ATC)/Sir John Thomson Sword(best CCF(RAF)).
Then various certificates of good service, first aid awards (for actually delivering first aid), state honours (likely to be capped at BEM due to age and ability to make an impact by that stage), or even state gallantry awards they could be nominated for.

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Just a small change :slight_smile: There’s no longer separate gendered for top cadet. The Dacre Sword goes to the top cadet and the runner up gets the ATC Sword.

In general for courses/qualifications/honours - it can depend on what you enjoy and where you want to achieve.


I remember when the Best Female Cadet got the Dacre Brooch and the Best Male Cadet the Dacre Sword :joy:

Don’t think that would fly nowadays (much like the Cadets nowadays)

Princess of Wales wears the Dacre Broach if involved in an event I believe.

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Back in the day…
Dacre Brooch was given without consultation to HRH Princess of Wales…

That was the last commandant kissing up.
Not so sure thats why the Brooch was gifted to the RAFAC… so it could be gifted onwards.

Wasn’t the Sword donated by Air Commodore Dacre and his wife donated the brooch.

It did seem a tad strange for Dawn to just give it to Kate…

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My point exactly

Maybe we politely ask for it back? :joy:

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I seem to think it wasn’t gifted but is made available to HRH when attending functions in her role as Hon Air Commandant, a role she took over from Prince Phillip. I’m sure it’s still in the possession of the organisation.

It wasn’t given to her, it’s been loaned to her to wear at ceremonial events in her role as Honorary Air Commodore.

Better than it sitting in a drawer at HQ and never being seen again