What is the difference between BCC and RCO?

Can someone please explain the differences?

What are the prerequisites for attending these courses?

Are CIs required to attend courses for each weapon type, i.e. no8, L98 etc?

Qualified to Conduct Weapons Handling Training (qcWHT)
Weapons Instructor (WI)
Basic Coaching Course (BCC)
Range Conducting Officer (RCO)

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Expired I’m sure Leroy will be on soon as the expert in such matters but just briefly:

qCWHT is now defunct, you can no longer use this qualification.
BCC this course allows you to coach and act as a Safety Supervisor
WI has now been superseded by the SAAI which is a week long course which enables you to train and test on all weapons you are current in. (You must be No8 & L98 qualified and proficient to attend this course).
RCO is 2 consecutive weekends which enables you to run short ranges on both the No8 & L98 (again you have to be trained in both weapons to go on the course).

Hi Expired,

Daws is quite right, reference the WI/SAAI course. It does indeed qualify you to conduct lessons, practice periods and WHTs on all cadet wpn systems.

We have a Guide to Candidates here if you were intertested in attending the course, or you can email adj.saat@aircadets.org for a bit more info. The course dates are available here, along with our application forms.

Daws is also right in that qcWHT has been revoked, and you will no longer find this offered.

Both the BCC and RCO courses will be offered by your local SATT; the former allowing you to coach, the latter allowing you to plan and conduct range practices. There is one further qual/authorisation you may be interested in (depending on what you wish to achieve), which is the Ancillary Range Duties course. This allows you to perform all functions on cadet ranges (such as safety supervisor, console operator, butts officer), except the actual planning and conduct. This is again offered by your local SATT.

Hope that helps, please do get in touch with our Adj on that email if you’re interested in the SAAI course, or indeed if you need a point in the right direction to your local SATT for the other courses.

Edited to correct remit of BCC.

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Beaten to it!

  1. qcWHT is now defunct.
  2. WI = “grandfather” rights of previous qualification, now need SAAI.
  3. BCC = as described, some shooting background useful.
  4. RCO = see below.

From previous SATT notices:

SAAI candidates must have received FULL training on the L98A2, be practiced in its use and have a good working knowledge of the Cadet Shooting manual.

RCO candidates must have received FULL training on the L98A2, be practiced in its use and have a good working knowledge of Cadet Shooting manual (including firing from multiple positions).

All listed on Bader under your area SATT or via your Wg Shooting Officer.

SAAI Cses also available via Frimley Park.

CTT have a “pre-trg” guide for SAAI.

Surely BCC just allows you to coach? The min. requirement for safety supervising is ARD.

Correct, BCC is coaching only. ACTO 42 refers:

Designed as a stand-alone
coaching course, this course is an introduction to coaching for those
interested in teaching cadets to shoot. It is open to Cadet SNCOs age
16 and above and adult staff. All applicants for the RCO SR Courses
are strongly advised to complete the Elementary Coaching course or
other appropriate coaching course first.

Thanks for your replies!

One more question: Will I have to attend a separate weekend course to do BCC on the L98? I’m planning to do BCC on No.8 in Dec.



There should be no requirement for an additional course. The course teaches the principles of coaching, the chosen rifle is just the vehicle to teach those principles; they should then be applicable across the entirety of the cadet weapon systems.

Happy to be corrected by I believe the BCC has been superseded (some time ago 3+ years?) by the ECC

BCC = Basic Coaching Course

ECC = Elementary Coaching Course

from what I understand near identical courses but the ECC reflecting differences with the RCO qual??

I did BCC, and out local SATT have since called it ECC for some time. pedantic i know but wanted to point out in case someone is searching for a course that no longer runs