What Is RIAT like

So I’m heading to RIAT this year. I want to know so many things, firstly is there any tips I should know or ‘life hacks’ e.g. what should I pack that’s not included on the kit list etc? What’s the food and accommodation like? And most importantantly, do you actually get any opportunities to watch the displays and maybe take a few photographs of it?

It’s an amazing experience, as I’ve heard from other cadets. I’m pretty much certain that you’d be able to watch the displays, but throughout the show, you’ll probably be wanted to help out with booths or general enquiries etc.

Normally it’s a great experience for cadets!

Check this post

the post above should answer your questions.

as for the “life hacks” there is a dedicated “RIAT for Air Cadets” facebook page which is an ideal place to ask those questions…

but to bluntly answer your questions
Food - amazing > local catering firm attend on site and provide good quality food 3x a day - there is also a canteen open 10-8ish selling all signs of sugar, pop and other delights

accommodation - tented, ~24 Cadets per tent (8-10 for Staff) - you’ll get a camp bed and that is it

Watching the display - yes, your tasking will be approximately half a day (~4-6 hours) given you plenty of time to walk around and see the show or simply sit and watch the flying. There are no taskings which while on “task” stop you watching the air display, particularly if you have a routine or display you want to see.