What is an OC parade?

I’ve been a cadet for a good few months now, but next week we have an OC parade on our training program. This hasn’t taken place before in the time I’ve been a cadet, so I’m just wondering what an OC parade actually is and what it entails. I’m not sure if this is something I should already know or not and any help would be greatly appreciated as some other people in my intake are wondering the same thing.

Will vary squadron to squadron, but I’d read this as a formal inspection?
(The give away for that would be No 2 (Full) as the uniform for the night).

Or, it could be that the boss just wants to chat with you all to get some feedback.

Thanks so much, this definitely helps!

In the most literal sense, it denotes a parade in which the OC is present. For example, maybe final parade is normally commanded by another officer/WO/SNCO but, on this occasion, the OC will be there to make an announcement, present badges, certificates, promotions, etc.