What instruments can you get a bandsman badge for

I play euphonium and the drum kit and am about to get grade 4 euphonium. I was wondering if you can get a bandsman badge for either of these instruments. Thank you!

From ACTO123, “Musician Badges” -

Silver -

Trumpeter (crossed trumpets)
Drummer (drum)
Piper (bagpipe)
Instrumentalist (lyre)

You need an “assessment” of either -

Grade 3 Practical (copy of examination certificate stays with your cadet records)
An “expert witness testimony” (i.e a school music teacher,)((copy of testimony stays with your cadet records)
Assessment by a competent person (normally member of staff with appropriate qualifications &/or experience)

There is a table of 44 listed instruments, euphonium & drum kit are included - both equate to a lyre badge.


Presumably someone about to gain Grade 4 should be in possession of Grade 3 certification?

@vulcan110 (have I got the right Vulcan?) this is somewhat in your AOR these days, is it not? Certainly, according to Facebook I’m thinking that’s the case…

Also, for ref https://www.firsttutors.com/uk/music/articles/learning-music/music-grade-system.php

Thanks alot and no I am not in possession of a grade three ccertificate as I have switched instruments and am jumping from grade 2 cornet to grade 4 euphonium. Thanks!

Is the clarinet on the 44 instruments list?

Yes. (More characters to permit post!)