What fieldcraft kit do you have?

Hi all,

What do people currently have on the squadron, and for how many cadets? I am still getting to grips with the differences between working with the CCF and ATC, and I want to see what is reasonable kit that most sqns have.


Are you now ATC. Or atc and ccf?

For start we dont have l103a2s on sqns. Like some ccf schools do.
Runnijg around the school grounds conducting FT like its CoD… :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

We have in supply for everyone.

Mess tins
Ration packs
Scrim net.
Cammo net large x several.
Webbing x lots

Teaching aids for each lesson in the PAM.

Thats all you need.

I an recently a full ATC Convert

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I think a lot of the schools have live L98A2 versions plus the odd vickers left over from the Great War - alway interesting when they are doing blank firing section battle drills over the school golf course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How much did that set you back? AFAIK my current sqn has none and I’m looking to start building up the stores

Pieced together over many years.

But £30 a set or more if you buy.

started by acquiring lots of PLCE over the years, and purchasing the odd pouch here and there.

The acquiring bits and pieces from stores, returns, doing training favours for other squadrons to acquire more stuff.

Then started to get the civ comm on board to purchase stuff, and invest in it.

SO have x20 sets of Cadet Training Vests and Rucksacks, along with x20 mess tins, water bottles, sleeping bags, DPM bivii bags. A metric ton of para cord, bungees, cam cream, etc.

I have a handful of bashas and ponchos, and that is my next big purchase.

In essence, i can equip x20 cadets with everything they need (except personal kit) to start training from lesson one. BUT… its taken time, and investment.


We started out with just a couple of plce webbing sets. I’ve gradually added to it - if I see something cheap on eBay I’ll bid, we’ve been donated a few bits and had other bits handed down from ex cadets or reservists.

The Sqn got hold of some large Bergens a few years back (I think from the parent station) but we don’t use them much.

We need to get current issue bashas and I’d like to have enough daysacks for a ‘section’ of 8 cadets.

You can get some good deals through Cadet Kit Shop if you open an account. Its about 50% off.

Get in touch with this person:

Darren Ariss
National Cadet & Tactical Manager
Ammo & Co Ltd
Mobile:+44 7594 090432
Head Office: +44 121 772 2999

I have made a few of this boards, using old wood, cut in the shape of a target and covered in MTP cloth and then a couple of strips of velcro, so that I can move the laminated sheets on and off.

We also have a few small hand held white boards which are useful.


I like the designs - can you put on ACC drive?