What does this mean?

So I was doing a second attempt at my Leading Cdt exams, and they only ask me 1-2 questions on them. I then see this:

Could someone inform me of what this means?
Many thanks,

It means you’ve passed. Well done.

On a resit you’re only asked questions in the LO you failed.


Your exams are broken down into modules, usually about 10.

Each module carries 2 questions, you pass a module by getting at least one question right.

Therefore, if, on your first attempt, you completed a module, by getting at least one question right, you don’t have to retake that module. The module result is therefore marked as ‘completed, satisifed’

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Holy moly, I didn’t see that coming.
And thanks, I didn’t know I only resit failed ones.

That’s brilliant, thanks for letting me know.

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