What does Blue Road Marching consist of?

I was wondering what blue road marching is like and what it consists of?

I believe it consists of 3 marches: a 15km, 20km and 25km.

I can’t add much more as I haven’t done it myself yet.

^ correct. There is also a short theory section that should be done before the first march.

Rumour has it that changes are planned to make it easier, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.


A theory / classroom session
Being up to date on Climatic Injuries

And 3 walks as mentioned above - but rumours are that this may be shortened to just two.

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At the moment the blue RM badge is harder to get than the Bronze. This will be changing…

The Blue badge is going to be more aligned with other blue activates and will be more of an Introduction to RM . The current blue course came out of what teams did as initial training for Nijmegen. Great for a 15 year old cadet, but an ask for younger cadets.

Not going to say much but there is going to be training programmes and all must follow the PTS and work through all of the badges.