What course do i need to run our 25M TUBE RANGE

We have a 25m double tube range but no-one is qualified to use . What courses should I or an other member of staff attend thanks

You need to do the short range RCO course - but it would be worth watching how a recently- trained RCO does things before you attend. You will need a current No 8 and L98 WHT before attending the course. Your Wing Shooting Officer or local SATT should be able to point you in the right direction.

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Just for clarity what you need is the SA(SR)07 range course.

Usually 2 consecutive weekends, with homework in between. Agreed if you aren’t very experienced you should definitely spend some time on a similar range with a recently-trained RCO first.

NB that the ECC course ISN’T a course pre-requisite; though what rules your WSO may decide to apply are up to him/her, I guess. Life is simpler in the CCF! That said if you don’t understand the coaching stuff you will find the range course harder.

The answers thus far are indeed correct. It could be 6-12mths though to get the relevant people qualified.

In the meantime don’t let the facility go to waste. Get a local SAAI/WI to train up your cadets and ask some locally based RCOs to help you out by running it!

I’m sure your WShO or local SATT could help if you don’t know where to go for help!

Good luck.

Indeed you could even ask your local CCF for help… (PM me if you need help contacting them)

Where are you located? Happy to help if you’re in the neighbourhood