What colour should a bugle be for cadets?

Hello there I have always been interested in music and I self taught myself guitar and I’ve taken piano and saxophone lessons so I was wanting to try to learn the bugle for my cadet band. Could anyone tell me the requirements of what bugle I should buy? Should it be brass finished or silver finished? Is it the longer and thinner US Calvary version or the Boy Scouts and military shorter version?

Is this the correct type of bugle?

I’m guessing that it should be in B flat too but will that depend on the bands preference. Many thanks if you can help

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I’m unsure about colour/style, but it should be B-Flat if you want to do solo bugler competitions. If you want some help RE sheet music ask your staff for a copy of ACP633 Annex F.

Ok thanks!

I can’t tell you what you “should” buy as I just don’t know the policy, but my squadron band has invested in silver-finished bugles, and are the longer style. We have previously had brass ones but they required polishing. Probably staybright ones are available these days.

Good luck.

Thank you!

Yes the type you have here would be acceptable. Bugles should be B flat in any marching band (UK anyway).

On a separate note, your band should accept you as a saxophonist - particularly as there seems to be a shortage of them across the organisation!! (-from a fellow sax player)

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