What can I teach?

I have completed the Air Cadet MOI course, I was wondering what a instructor cadet can teach on a squadron level. I know I can teach the classification system, however can I teach PTS courses such as blue radio bronze cyber and blue leadership?

Also, with being MOI qualified do I need to have the first class log book completed to qualify for a pre-DoE badge? As I was a leading cadet when the resource came out.

Help is much appreciated.


You will be best of speaking with your squadron training officer to see what they require to be taught, on your Squadron, and where your skill set lies within this . There are some subjects that you have to complete a train the trainer course, comms and cyber require this, among others.

In regards to pre DofE, if you wish to complete it you will need to complete the record in the blue light book to claim it, however if you are an MOI cadet why are you looking at completing blue, when i assume you are old enough to start the DofE recognised awards ( bronze+). Blue pre dofe was just seen as a level for the younger cadets to complete who are not old enough to start their bronze award, there is nothing to gain in completing the Pre dofe retrospectively.

More to the point… if you have done MOI, even under the new ‘early years’ scheme. Shouldn’t you have an idea what is available to teach on Sqn?

Speak with your Cadet SNCOs and the Sqn Training officer. They will provide guidance.

I have been signed up to DofE since 2015, however my squadron hasn’t done anything to carry this on. I have been trying to push d of e as I would have done it with school otherwise.

I have YFA hoping to go on a AFA course as soon as the next one is open, and have bronze cyber, currently undertaking the requirements for silver. And same for radios. Our squadron doesn’t give the courses out to the cadets so I am hoping to do courses on parade nights so the cadets can still progress.


Mandatory text

DofE is participant led meaning that you should be looking for activities to do that will meet the sections and your leaders on the squadron are there to offer advice and support you in ensuring it meets the guiding principles of the award, and possibly find you an expedition/ organise an expedition. It is not the squadron leaders job to spoon feed you what to do to complete the award.

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I understand that it isn’t the squadrons job to spoon feed, however we started it back in 2015/2016 and I completed everything apart from expeditions. It isn’t signed of on eDofE, and we had to restart again in 2018 and haven’t resumed since.

If you really want to do DofE there are goups that meet organised by councils or local schools to do just expoditions, if you have doen everything leading up to it you may want to do some reasarch into completing the award outside of cadets to get those CV brownie points.

Completing AFA, having MOI and authority from your WFAO means you can teach YFA

If you want any advice regarding DofE send me a DM

You don’t need to do anything “exciting”, just do the bog standard stuff we all have to do. Being a cadet doing instruction or adult staff is not exciting. Anyone who says or suggests anything different is lying.

Disagree. I definitely get a buzz from a well planned lesson that runs nicely. Maybe I’m strange.


Once again you display your complete and utter unsuitability to be involved in this organisation. OP ignore Teflon, he’s a morale sponge who should have been put out to pasture years ago

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Don’t know what you mean - the non-exciting, bog standard stuff that Teflon proposes is exactly what is needed for retention…


Woe betide anyone who comes in with some energy and enthusiasm and tries to inject some interest into activities and make being a cadet an engaging experience. That’s just not how we do things here in 1802ad.

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Got to say that I also disagree. Smashing a lesson where you’ve got the message across to 100% of your audience in an interesting and informative way can be exciting!!!

Having cadets come back YEARS after saying “you know that thing you taught me…” is a great feeling.

Finding a new way to impart information which engages and inspires is brilliant.

Teaching isn’t for everybody, so my advice is to try it. But dont force it.


I love walking away from a lesson or activity knowing it went well. Why would I be satisfied if I had half-heartedly trotted out a few words and phrases and left my cadets with bored expressions, having barely listened to me?

Dude seriously?! The newly qualified MOI Cadet is like any new chap in a new job, excited and motivated. Can you just chill with the grumpy old “Staff Member” for one post? We have MOI’s who are still going strong 4 months later, a bit of encouragement doesn’t hurt :roll_eyes: