What can an instructor cadet teach?


Just wondering, can an instructor cadet teach blue leadership if say they hold bronze leadership?

Can anyone outline what an instructor cadet can actually teach?



Foundation leadership trainer/assessors are appointed at the OC’s discretion, so if they’re happy then it’s not a problem.

Certainly I’d be more than happy for an MOI-trained bronze holder to teach the lesson, and assess under supervision at first.


As above for leadership. You can also teach all the classification syllabus and blue radio (but not assess). Provided you hold AFA, you can teach YFA after approval from your Wg First Aid Officer. Bronze Cyber can be taught if you hold silver/gold cyber and have done an cyber instructor course. All rules and regulations around teaching are held in the ACTOs of the relevant subject, so there is no list.


Theoretically anything that they are capable of that doesn’t require an authorisation or qualification.

As for blue leadership… No reason why not, especially as a bronze holder. Assessing is a skill that needs honing so I would agree with @MattB about supervision.

I believe bronze radio holders are encouraged to assist with blue radio (although assessors are authorised).

The key intention of instructor cadet is focused on the classification syllabus, but if you can teach, and you know something (preferably to a level above at a minimum), and your staff are happy… Then you can teach almost anything.

Not FT though - separate authorisation required for that.