What can ACC do for you?

Dear Users,

Continuing the theme of site improvement what else, apart from the forum, could ACC provide you, the user?

Are you looking for more features or tools that can be web based?

Could ACC provide extra services that help you get more from the Air Cadets?

If you have any suggestions, however big or small, please comment below.



Is there any way that private messages could display a chain, similar to how emails do?

Very frustrating sometimes trying to work out what a reply is actually replying to!

Hi Matt,

I’m afraid not, not with the current software set.

That’s why I was looking at alternate forum solutions. The two parts, currently, are interlinked.

I’ll see if there are any larger solutions to the issue of PMs, maybe making ACC more of a social network rather than just a forum.

That’s one reason I started this question; to see what extended features users would like.



Do we have anymore ideas?