What boots to get for MTPs?

Just got my MTPs from my sqn but need the boots. My WO said they can be black or brown, if it matters I’m sort of leaning towards black as she said they can be used with another type of uniform and are more versatile.

Can anyone recommend brands or places to get them? Or what to search for? Im looking on eBay and can only find cheap looking fake leather boots if I search ‘cadet mtp boots’. As well as that what’s the price range supposed to be so that I don’t get ripped off?

How old are you, and do you anticipate your feet will keep growing?


I’m 15, and I think I might go up a few sizes in the future but not soon. I’ve been the same size for about 6 months now

I would recommend British Military Surplus.co.uk They are the official MoD Surplus uniform contractor and as such tend to have the best price and quality.

As for colour, you can wear black boots with DPM and MTP, and there are occiasions where you may want to wear boots in Blues, in which case black would obviously be better.