What belt is this?

Hi all,

What stable belt is this?

Seen on OC Global Enablement RAF

Defence HUMIT unit.

Tri service intelligence.


A little bit more info here…


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Deffo DHU. Grey giveaway, even though the trident and netted globe is difficult to see

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Now there is an Oxymoron

HUMINT appears to be an oxymoron these days. :roll_eyes:

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The stable belt of someone you shouldn’t get drunk with

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Whatever would make you say that… :joy:

It’s not Op METIS, it’s just DHU.

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Just a reminder for all that even the names of many operations relating to intelligence are PM’d “classified” and shouldn’t be discussed in public forums.

These forums can be and are viewed by people without any background checks whatsoever, so fall within scope.

Yeah, but let’s be honest, if we mugs know about it. It’s hardly secure already is it?


Good point. Fortunately, this one already appears to be publicly available information.

Op names are used so you can refer to the classified operation with an unclassified codeword. To classify an op name would defeat the object


I’ve got experience of that… It doesn’t defeat the object.


Not really, they’re just to shorten it, make it easy to write about. For example, it’s much easier just to refer to Op Shader, than it is to say ‘The ongoing anti-Daesh operation within Iraq and Eastern Syria’. Just say Shader and people know what you mean.

That’s my understanding of it anyway.

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Yeah, you pick an Op that the majority of people have heard about, but I’m sure there are a number of us know of Op that people don’t know about. The Op name just signpost an activity at official/OS without giving away higher secrets :roll_eyes:

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The name itself is also often restricted or classified.

I say this as some who has several years of experience working directly in Defence Intelligence.

Even the HMG has published this as with the other op name in scope.

This list covers all the DINs etc

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I’ve fallen foul of this before. Got told off for using the op name in an email, so I had to re-send with the very information I thought the op name was there to protect.

Forgive me if this is wrong as I only have it from third hand sources but my under standing around classified op names was that the main name would be classified & then a second name would be used instead with the second name being regular changed through a cycle of names allowing greater compartmentalisation & reduce the dots being joined or people doing ctrl-F on a document.

There was even an episode of castle where they guessed the redacted op name by its font character length & could cross reference.

So (& go tenuously back to topic?!?) an example would be an operation known as Op Belt at top secret level but would be referred to as Op braces, op cummerband, op girdle, op thong etc at various other times & classification levels.