What are your essentials

What are your essentials for shooting and field craft
Whether it’s in your webbing
Your daysack or something completely random

Shooting - combination tool.

Both-water bottle

Decent boots and decent boot socks.

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Fieldcraft: British Army issue day sack (with additional side pockets) or a bergen.
Shooting: Waterproofs; combi tool

Good boots and socks, screwdriver that fits the sights on an L98, screwdriver set for L144, penny depressors, good softie style jacket to help keep warm while waiting around, issue electronic ear defence.

Good gloves, wear them even when its warm as they protect your hands when diving down and moving through bushes. Decent boots. Comfortable webbing packed properly and that doesn’t bounce when running. A suitable hat to avoid cam in the hair line. Plenty of elastic bands/material for holding local cam on. Good torch with red filter straight on instead of white then red.

Both: Decent waterproofs.

1 rig for both.

Red Book (CCF Req)
Cleaning Tool
Bore Snake
Peltor Comtac Ear Def
Mechanix gloves
Cam Cream
Sun Cream
Boonie Hat
Eye Pro/Sunglases
Head Torch w/Red & White LED’s
Notebook & Pen

And my one luxury - Jetboil w/built in coffee press :smiley: