What are you most looking forward to...?

Fast forward x amount of weeks, squadrons are opening up and after checking your email there is a document detailing what you need to do to open your squadron again. Finally you can announce the date of your first parade night back to your cadets…

What are you most looking forward to?

Our very pro-active CivCom have provided all sorts of new kit, all delivered and ready to go when we return. So I’m really looking forward to delivering the first Youth First Aid bronze course, and also the practical element of bronze leadership, as lots of the theory bits have been completed over Teams.

Also, I am planning a big exercise for mid October (assuming an early Sept restart), where in the run up we will be doing lots of practical reminders; radio, fieldcraft, orienteering, leadership, first aid - culminating in a night where over the course of the evening every skill we have brushed up on will need to be used.

After focussing some refresher and fun training for the cadets that do return, it’ll be time to think about recruitment - a little bit later than usual, but I think some time spent on existing cadets will be crucial for retention.

The planning is coming along nicely, and I’m really looking forward to getting back.


Just seeing everyone, its been difficult to keep in touch with some of the less tech-savvy staff and some of the cadets have no interest in virtual sessions.

Delivering stuff face to face and being able to read the room rather than talking to a blank screen will be nice too.

Also can’t wait to get started back with DofE stuff - curiously I’ve seen that some schools and AAPs have gone straight back into delivering expeditions which doesn’t strike me as entirely sensible…


When we start up again in September hopefully, with Schools approval (CCF), similar to @MRAR being able to see cadets when delivering content and see whether it boring or they don’t understand. We did about 10 virtual parade nights and they were good but not seeing anyone was really difficult. So I am excited to meet our new year 9 cadets in person instead of an icon on a screen, put a face to a name.


I am super stoked to start training the wing arms drill team for the next competition season.


I’m looking forward to how it will be managed given the reports of how schools are planning to operate and how we can fit into those sort of regimes.
Other than that a bit like work as people drift back, actually seeing people in the flesh.

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I’m looking forward to a day out on the hill with the kids. Nothing too taxing, just big views, chatting stuff, giving them fresh air, exercise, and being with friends.

Some of our cadets have had a very grim time over the last few months and they need a break from a very stressful home environment. Some of the ‘hard to reach’ kids have been the hardest hit with poverty, stressed parents creating a toxic home, and very heavy handed policing from day one.

They need an outlet, a safe place, and I’m really looking forward to seeing tired smiles.


This is one of the best posts I’ve ever seen on this forum. Really hammers home why we do it.


Who’s cutting onions?




This Friday I would have been on the bus to the Netherlands to walk the long walk. I am looking forward to getting a 40km march under my belt and starting the training for 2021.

What that will look like with booking DTE and social distancing we shall have to wait and see.


Having done the same with my family and found a ideal training walk for Cadets this is something I am keen to look at as soon as would allow


Looking forward to getting back into it too now that I’ve returned to the wonderful CFAV world after a 7yr break!!

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I know my cadets and myself alike are excited for our first wing weekend away! The opportunity to see everyone again and catch up with what we’ve all been doing!


I would imagine that Nijmegen given we’re (hopefully, finally) going to be rid of the eu, may well not be as easy or cheap as it has been to go to.

We’ve left. We left on 31 January 2020. There’s no need for “hopefully, finally”. It is a done deal.

And in your own words it’s going to make everything less easy and less cheap than it was before.


I know on paper we’ve left, I’m referring to the potential for the transition period to be extended, which will be damn annoying.

!!Practise for when I put my papers in for becoming a mod!!

Please keep this positive thread on topic.

There are Brexit threads for other chat.



I’m looking forward to hopefully being able to get some outdoor Archery in - bought all the kit last year - cost thousands, but the kids love it.


More transparent than a glass frog.

Angus has a very good one, but additionally, selfishly, I’m looking forward to Wing events where I can see my friends and colleagues again. I suspect many cadets will be feeling the same way.


I think that’s the appeal for most. Especially for staff and Year 11/13 who potentially haven’t seen any of their friends since March. It’ll most certainly be a nice, even heartwarming experience.