What are the rules on Hob nails?

What are the rules on Hob nails? Because I can’t find them on ACP1358 and I do want to get them but I don’t know if they are allowed

Hobnails are death traps. They have a tendency to slide on certain floor surfaces, and you can’t wear them on airfields as they may cause sparks.
You can wear them elsewhere, but I wouldn’t recommend it.


This will start an argument but

Although not In 1358. Those who have completed SSDIC may wear studs. Not written down but confirmed by Uniform WO. Again its similar in the RAF no in their version of 1358.

They are painful, dangerous and outside a parade square simply not suitable as they spark/shread carpets etc

If youre a cadet and you put them in you will probably be told to take them out. For it to be done properly you need a second sole put on and then studded, its suprising expensive.

But to summarise. Dont bother


Well, it’s hardly the first example of this sort of ‘rule’, but it doesn’t show the organisation in a good light when unofficial elites are set up.

Though some of the official elites are just as bad (QAIs wearing flying suits? really?)


Although not in 1358. Those who have completed Mountain Leader may wear Arcteryx. Not written down but confirmed by C2 Adventure Training.


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At one stage they were standard issue to all personnel so this is probably a left over from that time.

So OC Sqn hat on, if cadets are being told to take them off then I would apply that rule equally to adults regardless of rank.

I would even go as far to include it in the drill Risk assessment as a forbidden item particular on parades in public where you have random drain covers & other slip hazards.


My F5010c trumps your unwritten rule in ACP 1358. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: