What are the different stages for Cadet Corporal Applications? Is there a unified policy?


Hi all,

I am a staff cadet that joined the RAFAC Sussex wing about 2 years ago, has just got accepted to become a corporal.

But I would like to know the different stages of the corporal applications? and what I would have to do to become a corporal.

Also I would like to know as a staff cadet what ACP. Would I have to read to understand my duties and the power of responsibilities and safe to my self and others. Also tips on how to become a Sgt quicker and for staff and cadet NCO to push me to my limits and more. To able to a Sgt spot and to become a fun magic warm Discipline Sqn?

Many thanks


Sorry im slightly confused…a cadet corporal or are you a member of staff because adult cpl isnt a think (yet)


No sir I am a cadet but I have gone pass the age of 18 but in the bracket of 12 to 20. Meaning I would be called a staff cadet


I may be missing something here, but as a staff cadet you should have undertaken AVIP training which would explain the responsibilities?


Yes I have done all course that allows me to stay on above the age of 18. But I would just like pleasea clarification on things thanks you


Each sqn has thier own way/process for cadets to apply for Cpl. The best advice is to approach your co and ask…at the minimum it makes them aware you are interested


I’m not following that you’ve been accepted, but want to know how to apply?

There is no single process, so you should speak to your own staff with these queries.


I have passed stage 1 of the promotion. But I would like to know what are the other stages 2 to 4 please


As mentioned. There is no official, ATC wide policy on cadet promotions. Each individual OC/CO has the wide discretion to impose whatever policy they want. So, unless there’s someone here from your unit, none of us can help you sadly.

Also, you are not a member of the RAFAC, as a cadet you are a member of the ATC or CCF. Which are themselves, part of the RAFAC.


Technically, he’s a member of both the RAFAC and the ATC. There is however no such thing as Sussex Wing RAFAC (but given that the people who run the Sussex Wing website don’t seem to know this either, it’s hardly unreasonable for cadets to be confused!).