What age do I need to be to join the air cadets as an adult volunteer

Hi there my name is Harry and I was wondering how old do I have to be to become an adult staff member with the cadets

Hi Harry,


You need to be at least 20 to become a member of staff.

You can’t join at the moment, but I’m sure your local unit would love to hear from you anyway. You’ll be able to join us once we resume face to face activity.

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Thanks for that

But you can become a committee member at 18.

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@Calypso Spot on. Join the committee, get registered and see the organisation from all sides. I know of several Reg CWC who have been on DofE with us, have been and were supposed to be going to camp thus year. Do this and then if the full adult staff idea appeals step across.
Before this one of our cadets had spoken to me and the chairman about this very thing. He’ll be 18 in June and felt 2 more years as a cadet wasn’t for him. He is at work (doing an apprenticeship) and in his words found the cadet side a bit childish, which was why his attendance had dropped. Ironic that he would effectively be able to do everything a CI could, whilst his mates were still worrying about a crease in the trouser leg or shiny shoes.