What activities still occur and how frequently can cadets do them?

Continuing my research into what has changed, just trying to get a feel for what can be reliably advertised to a new joiner.

Additionally, what stuff is now dead in a ditch that wasn’t 25 years ago?

Is this crazy new system of badges in various colours covering over a lack of opportunity?

Bonus question: what’s the deal with the new badge system and what do people think of it?

My initial reaction has been that while I wouldn’t have said no to more badges in my day, at least when you got one you’d normally achieved something big. I confess I don’t understand though…

As always, thanks for curing my ignorance.


The badge system makes sense. Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold in order from Introductory (Blue) to well versed (Gold). However, not every activity has been aligned with the colours correctly. As an example, Blue Road Marching is actually pretty tough to get, with 3 walks (15km, 20km & 25km) required to complete it, whereas to achieve Bronze you just need 2x 20km walks (Cosford WARMA short distance). For Blue First Aid, cadets essentially just turn up, watch a video and do CPR & recovery position for a couple of hours.

So personally I have no issue with the new badge colour scheme, but it’s implementation needs to be made equal across all activities. I don’t think it’s “crazy”

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There’s a good thread running on this already have a search through.

As for activities still happening, a lot of the core offering is still there and depending on staff qualifications is still happening.

Units tend to be less self reliant compared to the past though with many choosing to work at Sector or Wing levels to make things happen.