from reading these boards i have picked up the ACF have an equivalent of BADER which is called Westminster - feel free to correct me if i am wrong (which may limit the validity of the next bit if i am wrong!)

why as part of BADER do we have an email platform but the Army with Westminster do not?

i have recently been in contact with the local ACF as the Ceremonial Officer for the RBL. rather than use what should be an obvious oc.anytowndetachment@armycadets.org address i have been corresponding through personal addresses.

with a recent change in OC, initial contact has not been as simple as it would be for the ATC given the generic format of ATC addresses.
seems odd to have the difference…can anyone offer an explantion or their experience/thoughts?

Westminster developed with the Defence Gate Way (hosting portal) and had a rough ride for multiple reasons. The ACO had the opportunity to opt in (the SCC did) but chose to got its one way for a variety of reasons.

Each system has its benefits and drawbacks. Also both systems have different goals, funding pots and management constructs behind them.

Would it be useful for them to have role based emails, yes. Will it happen, eventually. Its just not with in the current bounds at the moment and the jointery between the ACF and SCC is fraught with various issues due to one being MOD sponsored and the other MOD supported.

Not exactly helpful but a rough overview that hopefully makes sense and prevents a can of worms exploding too far.


I was not aware of the differences. indeed if it were not my time on ACC I would know nothing of Westminster at all, but presumed the two systems were carbon copies with the appropriate branding, image, format and structure to match the organisation using it.

however it seems they are not alike at all!

We can have ArmyMail email addresses which are accessible via the Defence Gateway. I don’t actually use it because until recently we couldn’t get the emails delivered to our phones and had to use the web client. We can now, but since everyone already uses my personal email address or the hotmail address that I set up for my detachment it is a bit redundant.

I didn’t know we could have ArmyMail addresses, actually, so thanks for the heads up. I don’t think I’ll be getting one…

Westminster is more professional - it has more full time staff, as far as I understand. It works better. It is WAY more responsive to change requests (see above…). However, it is effectively one application, and the sharepoint and email aspects of BADER are much better.

As a frequent user of both, my principal gripe is double entry - my RAF section cadets have to be on both. However, HQAC have just announced a workaround which might be enough to placate me. Also, BADER is entirely ATC-focused, and changes I requested in 2008 to make it more suitable for CCF have been ignored.

It is annoying, though, that there are two systems, as forthcoming developments on BADER parallel aspects of Westminster which have been working well for years, literally - camps, for example. One of the key recommendations of DYER was a single cadet MIS but neither side is prepared to compromise. Frustrating.

[quote=“tmmorris” post=12504]I didn’t know we could have ArmyMail addresses, actually, so thanks for the heads up. I don’t think I’ll be getting one…

Assuming you signed up for Defence Gateway, you already have one!

Interesting! Defence gateway is now the only way in, so I did. In fact I was part of a trial to ensure RAFVR(T) contingent commanders could make it work.

Having said that, being CCF(RAF) I’m not sure you actually get one. The email domains are there and everything but the RAF hasn’t actually said it wants them yet. Army personnel would get an ArmyMail address.

I’ll have a look when I get back to work but it’s quite possible I do. The ‘system’ tends to ignore the fact I’m CCF(RAF) and indeed my Westminster account is ‘Army’ branded, because otherwise I can’t have HQ Admin rights. When they set it up, they ‘forgot’ not all CCs are Army.

Sorry for the resurrection after 7 1/4 years, but didn’t feel this needed a whole new thread.

Anyone know how to raise a support ticket on Westminster? The live chat function is off and although I sent them a message through that in December I’ve not got a reply.

I’m currently down with the correct unit as my Admin unit, but they’ve somehow moved my appointment to be OC RAF Section on a contingent that doesn’t exist anymore so I can’t access any cadet records and have a lot to update and all this week’s new starters to add

From late 2019 I have


(in response to a ticket raised the same way you did…)

although actually that issue is a Brigade one - you need your Bde SO3 Cadets or Westminster Clerk

Cheers. I’ll see if I can get hold of them.

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