Weekly Briefs

So what do people think? Any good, useful or not. Does everyone read them, or just delete.

I see in the latest Weekly Brief, No.40, two HQAC vacancies and HQAC looking for DofE ambassadors.

Is this the right way to publish such vacancies?

Hope the people applying realise the reduction on VA is imminent, unless those working at HQAC will not be hand-ties the new VA figures.

Very useful, but they are only a part of what should be (or will be) a wider comms strategy. A good first step to having some better internal comms. From what was said on VoV, there will be a new SharePoint site/landing page later in the year that will provide a much needed update. This will also form part of a better comms strategy, I hope.

Right now, yes, seems good. The only other way to reliably reach all CFAV would be an email that goes to everyone. What the brief does right now is try to keep those to once a week for non-critical stuff, which I like.


I like them.

I also like the fact that they go to everyone - not just OCs or role accounts. Prior to this I spent a good deal of my time just forwarding updates by email to the team.


I think this could do with addressing more generally.

Our ‘wing - all’ emails only go to role accounts. Best will in the world there’s no way you can get even half of them forwarded out. Was eye opening when I got an exec account to see just how much I’d been missing out on…

Is there any reason a regular 100 email account wouldn’t want all emails?

If it’s @YO8102 then they wouldn’t :rofl: But most people it would be fine.

There is a way of doing it, but I don’t know how. I’m in L&SER and have received a few all-region emails to my 100 account. For day to day stuff, I just monito the squadron generic account. As the all-Wing emails should go there too, not just to exec accounts.

It was supposed to be delivered in Q1 of 2024, according to the digital roadmap, and indeed was built and feedback requested from Bader PoC’s and IT Officers back in August last year.

Q1 2024 to me would be April - June 2024. Is that not what’s meant here?

I’d assumed they’d be talking about actual years, not financial years, so Jan - Mar.

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I would also interpret Q1 2024 as January to March. April to June would be Q1 of 2024-25.


There should be a vacancy portal for all WHQ, RHQ and national CFAV vacancies, and have an area for externalvvacancies (eg RFCA) too

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I think that is the plan. It was suggested as an idea on the ASTRA hub, and I think it said it was already being worked on.

Already exists, just not launched yet.


New ACP19 has word on advertising roles so maybe its being set up for this

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i like the weekly briefs, they have an openness about them, and going to all does help avoid rumours.

I think it could go a little further, the document updates only links to the document, with no context on what has changed.

But i do like it. its a bit “newsletter-y” than a “brief” - it doesn’t replace CRO which I still feel are missing, but it does a good job.


This would be good to see. When documents are updated there is version control built in, with comments. These are already available within key docs, but would be good to see that added to the brief too!

Weirdly, I noticed that “Repeat Orders” - which historically formed part of CROs - are still being put out on a monthly basis by HQAC. I stumbled upon them purely by accident - but it did make me wonder if these and CROs are still being churned out because there’s a Civil Servant at HQAC with it in their job spec; irrespective of whether anybody uses them!


I see them pop up in key docs sometimes!

Yeap - I found them in key docs… I think it was linked as a recently updated doc from a Weekly brief a few weeks back!