Wedgwood short sleeve shirt

Hi, I’m desperately looking for a shirt atleast a 20in collar or to fit a 52in chest? Anyone got one I can buy or know of anywhere I csn hwt one please?

You could always try Double Two, I know of a few staff who have had similar issues and have found these to be a suitable option

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I am trying to source a couple of new short sleeve shirts. Does anyone wear the Double Two pilot shirts in uniform? The pictures seem to show a turned up shirt sleeve which isn’t present on the issue shirts. Is this an issue?

Are there any other recommendations for good quality short sleeve shirts?



I wear Double Two shirts all the time. The only difference I can tell is that the epaulets are slightly too narrow for my rank slides.

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I wear the Double Two short sleeve with cuffs on the bottom of the sleeve - never had an issue or comments

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I have a couple of double two shirts and they are a great fit. What size wedgewood are you looking for?

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I hadn’t noticed the difference with the sleeves until now. Issue shirts are turned up on the inside, but there’s still stitching there so it isn’t that noticeable.

Personally I’m seeking out private purchase alternatives to all issued uniform, as it’s all made in China.

Besides more variation in sizes, how do DoubleTwo shirts compare?

Keen to get a more breathable shirt, but DoubleTwo blend seems to be worse (65% polyester 35% cotton), as opposed to issue shirts (60% cotton 40% polyester)?


Slightly OT but I’ve not managed to find anywhere with stocks of the Double Two long sleeved shirts - anyone know different?

@YO8102 I’d pay good money for just one decent all cotton long sleeved shirt for ‘best’, but I’ve totally failed to find one. Not even Gieves & Hawkes.

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Thanks for this - though actually Cromwell don’t have the pilot shirt in my size… that’s been the issue I’ve had. But Double Two themselves did, for the first time in ages.

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Should be in GMG but Double Two has taken over two weeks to tell me “sorry - don’t have those in stock” and just refund my order.

Interesting. So far I’ve had almost daily emails from them advertising their products but no actual shirt.

I ordered mine from Cromwell’s, so I can’t comment on Double Two’s direct service.

Contacted them yesterday. ‘Very sorry, the stock wasn’t transferred to the right department’ or some such waffle. They promised it would be upgraded to next day delivery. I’ll report back.

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I had a very similar experience ordering via the MyRAF app.