Wearing of Uniform

I’m looking at doing the Pathfinder March in June this year, It’s ~80Km in 20 hours, and all participants are encouraged to raise money for the RAFA via sponsorship.

As such I was wondering if anyone knew of any precedent for a cadet to wear uniform while doing it solo, and if So, what’s the path to get it approved?

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You’d need approval from OC Wing. Speak to your OC as they’ll need to do the request.

I think that’s what 1358 says anyway.

Wearing uniform overseas requires HQAC approval

Not overseas :wink: Cambridgeshire

I know its far away, and vaguely civilised


For some reason i assumed it was that death march malarky in belgium.

Ignore me, im being special.

Also i class anything north of the M4 as overseas

Join us, you might like a weekend away from OC Home Command

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I have common sense…endless walking is not my idea of fun

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