Weapons Update from TG5

Anyone seen this on Sharepoint?

Biggest things I can see are the likely extension of No8 until Jun 18 and the admission that the L81 has funding for next year but “there is no operational requirement for the rifle therefore there will be no replacement. Support will however continue for as long as spares hold out.”

Another good news bulletin from HQAC.


But it is a News Bulletin, which is better than some areas which rely on rumour.

Positive news on the No.8 (although the delayed transition is becoming increasingly frustrating)

True. Not much use if we’ve already given our no8s back to parent armouries though. Likelihood of getting them back to us again?



likely extension of No8 [ditto above, withdrawn several months ago] :frowning:

My wing is forming No.8 shooting hubs on those units with access to indoor ranges on unit. 24 rifles or thereabout per hub I think. This means that those squadrons have to surrender whatever else was in their armouries to the parent station to look after and have extra chests installed. Does mean there’s some hope of some shooting though as we were one of the last wings scheduled to get the replacement rifles.

Is the installation of extra arms chests an aspiration, or confirmed?

If it is confirmed, where is the money coming from? It won’t be cheap, as the building will need to be structurally altered, surely?

We can’t even secure funding to fix a broken tap in our toilets!

I couldn’t say, just passing on what the email I saw said. I’m not personally involved in shooting so don’t know the logistics.

Fair enough!

H ive just seen the weapons update, I have many questions.

I take the date for the extension of use for the No 8 rifle is an error; dispensation for use of the No8 until 30 June 2017 was published

38Gp A4 Arm
Please do not use FLAs as it is heard enough remembering TLAs, can anybody tell me what the above means.

Weapons Muster 2017; What is this?

Ta in advance.

I think the weapons muster is the return we have to do to say what we have, last service date etc.

What but specifically do you think is an error?

I must admit, I struggled to read it and unless you’re one of the shooting fraternity it didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

No.8 can be used until 30 Jun 18, or until your parent station has L144 whichever is sooner

That depends on whether your Parent Station can get them back to you after taking them away :kissing:

iHub is an IT thing
38gp is 38 Group RAF - logs, medical and engineering - A4 is logistics (RAF) and Arm is presumably armaments/armourers
TSA is a training safety advisor
D&G is Dolce and Gabana, an Italian brand which is uncharacteristically garish and favoured by footballers
PT is physical training, where a man in a white vest thrashes you for a set length of time and then shouts at you if you can’t get changed and showered in four minutes
Not sure about the others


There’s a DIN, try the Shooting Portal