Water Bulling

I’ve seen it mentioned here a couple of times. What is it and how do you do it?

Google is your friend… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bull_polishing

Your eyes are your friend, read the title WATER bulling, is it anything different to regular bulling?


A little - it’s bulling with water and no polish, after you finish the normal bulling process

He’s mugged you right off.

I was drawn to the thread with some horror/intrigue as I initially mistakenly read “Water Boarding”, thinking maybe a hunter force on a night ex got carried away or something.


Thank you!

If you have heard ‘water bulling’ mentioned, why didn’t you ask the person who mentioned it?? Or your NCOs/staff??

Anyway, it seems that I must go and top myself for responding when tired.

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Scrolling through old forum threads, I’d probably get told off by a mod if I brought up something from 3 years ago, also going off topic. Anyway sorry if I came across as rude, nothing intended :slight_smile:

I’ve mentioned it a few times.
I always start with a water bull to wash off the grease and grime which accumulates from normal use, and which makes bulling more problematic.

I take a nice clean soft cloth (I only use it for water bulling) and under a gently running cold water tap go through the motions of bulling but without any polish. It takes only 20-odd seconds per shoe.

Where sufficient effort has been put into shoes previously, and assuming they’ve not picked up scuffs, a quick water bull will usually bring them back to their former gleam. They don’t require fresh polish on every occasion.