Water Based Leadership

With all of this hot weather, I wanted to do some leadership tasks with water (ie buckets of water, not a river or something!).

Any ideas much appreciated!


Why not just have some fun with water?
We don’t need to give every moment “meaning”.
My lot last night did sports last night playing dodge the squirt. Thee is nothing like hearing people laughing and having fun.


And today’s award for the best comment that could be taken out of context goes to…

Back on topic though, I concur. Just have fun sometimes! We did one recently where two teams did shuttle runs but had to empty a bucket of water using only a cup and the cup could only be emptied by throwing it at themselves.

If you had a pipe with holes in, it’s always a fun one to have the cadets fill it up to retrieve something at the bottom (like a plastic ball) but obviously they need to work to keep the holes plugged.

No-one said we can’t have fun and if you need to think of a need, I’m sure it’s possible to make an aim after the fact.


Agreed. A 5ft long 4" soil pipe is brilliant for this. Especially if you have more holes drilled in it than team members. Its too big to wrap a hand around fully and is too long to reach inside and grab anything out.

Jewsons gave us a few lengths FOC a few years back!

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Water bomb mortar teams - have someone try and throw or catapult water bombs at a target that they can’t see, whilst another who can see corrects their fire each time.

If you want a real water fight, make the target another person, then keep swapping the roles!


We had a water fight on unit years ago. Cadets had to wear eyewear for H&S reasons, (not my shout) we all got soaked. It was great fun.

Oh my.

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What do they do when they have a shower?

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They should clearly have their eyes closed tightly in prayer.

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We found just silly stuff involving water is what was needed on a hot night.

We did a couple of relay races - variations of tunnel ball - where they had to pass a small bucket or water backwards over their heads to the end of the line, then repeat as the last person runs to the front.

As we were on a football field - we did a task where one cadet threw a small bucket of water backwards over the goal cross bar to be caught by another cadet - then measure whats left.

A few phone calls to parents to bring bin bags for them to sit on to go home!