So last night at my unit, we were in short sleeve order. I was wearing my watch as i usually do on my right wrist, i had 2 corporals and a Staff SNCO tell me to change it because “you cant salute with your watch on your wrist”. Ive seen so many officers wearing watches on their right wrists so why cant i?
I took it off and kept it in my pocket for the remainder of the night.
I was looking in AP1358c earlier today and all i could find to do with watches is “A watch of inconspicuous style may be worn” (Para 0157). Can people tell me if i’m not reading anything correctly here and that it is a regulation that i cant wear my watch on my right wrist?

Nope, you’re fine.

Did they tell you this and then ask if you could get some tartan paint from the stores?


Agreed - no restrictions on which wrist it is worn on.

I have heard this kind of thing before, but it isn’t based in regulations.
Unless it is of a design that Flavor Flav would consider worthy, it is unlikely to affect a salute anyway.

Of course, you need to do what your staff are telling you to do, but if they are open to discussion on the matter then feel free to politely educate them.


No they didnt tell me to get the tartan paint out, anyway our stores officers a Scot so i think he might be a bit offended

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I can’t wear my watch on my left wrist without spending the entire time thinking I’ve lost it.

If it was good enough for ATF, it’s good enough for your squadron.

The only time I have a watch on me is when I’m in No. 3s, mostly because I keep forgetting to take the thing out of my chest pocket. It’s neon green, off by about 15 minutes, and actually my brother’s. I did try to wear it in uniform once, and just ended up getting told to keep it in my pocket.

Considering my watch is black and doesnt draw attention. I dont see what the problem was. Probably just staff getting nitpicky and bored

well from AP1358C: (my bold)

  1. Males. In the case of male personnel, the wearing of watch - chains and trinkets in such a manner as to be seen is not permitted when wearing uniform. The wearing of a wedding ring and/or one other plain signet or precious metal ring is permitted. A watch of inconspicuous style may also be worn. Thumb rings and tie pins are not permitted. Earrings are not to be worn

The OP posted that initially.

I always took “inconspicuous” to mean that if I found myself thinking “wow! a watch!” then it was not inconspicuous!


ooppss, so they did :-p

I wonder what their opinion would be of the charity wristband I wear on my right wrist whilst saluting!

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Let’s just say I hope your heartstart is up to date. You’ll be needing it.

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If anyone tries to say something like this, the easiest way to deal with it is to tell them to show you in regulations where it is written. Until then, they can get lost.


They need to make more of their time!
As long as it is not too bling or multicoloured, it doesn’t matter!!!:roll_eyes:

Our sqn had a policy for a while that the watch could only be black in colour and musn’t be overly large. But after I checked AP1358c and read [quote=“Minigriff, post:1, topic:6166”]
A watch of inconspicuous style may be worn
that changed. Our general rule of thumb is as long as they watch isn’t too “flashy” or obscure then it can be worn on eithier wrists at any time in any uniform.

At the end of the day we do a lot of leadership exercises (with time limits) or tell cadets they need to be back at certain times. How can they do this without a watch?


I’d rather the cadets have any watch than no watch.


The problem is that the regs are sometimes open to interpretation to an extent.

So, watches of an inconspicuous style can be worn. Who decides what is inconspicuous? I have seen some watches that are bright colours and some that are plain. I have known COs complain about new smart watches although they’re more inconspicuous than older style watches.

IMO it should be clear and say one specific colour or style. I would never make a song and dance about a watch, but more clear regs would stop the power hungry from going crazy over a wristwatch!

I usually cite the example of my ex-girlfriend who went through the whole of RTS at Halton (probably the most anal of RAF establishments) wearing a white G-Shock.


I see no need to be too specific in the regulations. As they stand they allow for someone of sensible thought to make a judgement call.
That’s as it should be. What might be just about okay in working dress might not be considered appropriate for a formal parade, for example. In which case it’s a simple fix - don’t wear it on the parade.

Requiring a specific colour or style will likely just give other power hungry people the opportunity to go legitimately crazy over a whole host of what in the real world are perfectly acceptable inconspicuous watches.


If I have to start telling people off for what watch they’re wearing, I’ll be pretty content. Can’t have many other issues if I’ve got the time to be getting that involved.