Washing CS95

Hello people of the forum,
What temperature should I wash CS95 on? I’ve read 30° in some places and 40° in others, so I’m not too sure.


40 degrees should be fine and should get any dirt out.

I wash ALL my clothes at 40 and never get problems. That includes oily overalls and soil / plant material encrusted sweatshirts, trousers etc. I even wash my Rohan suit at that temp and it turns out fine for weddings etc.

Somewhere on the CS95 clothing there should be a care label of some sort. The information may have been washed away by a serviceman / person doing everything at 90 degrees using the most aggressive detergent possible and then ironing everything to death!!!

Both 30 and 40 degrees are absolutely fine.

Great, cheers :+1:t3: (@sypland also)

I’m fairly certain that the only time my washing machine dial moves from 40 is when I am cleaning the washing machine!

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