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Recent events in the Microsoft OS arena have caused serious concern. The worldwide infection of many Windows PCs has stirred up a hornets nest of accusations from all sides! What is WannaCrypt? Simply put it’s a computer Worm; once activated on an un-patched Windows machine it toddles off and encrypts your files, then asks for…

I recently spent several a week ensuring all my companies servers were up to date. I can understand Windows 7 being the most commonly affected OS. Very few people use XP anymore, most use either Windows 7 or newer. In Windows 10, updates cannot be disabled so unless you have set your connection to metered you will get updates, so it is unlikely you would be affected. All versions of Windows appear to have SMBv1 enabled by default, but unless you have XP or you have a specific reason why you know you need it, there is no reason to keep it enabled.

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