VSDT Vacancy - Communications Manager

Evening All,

The VSDT is seeking to appoint a new secondary duty Communications Manager - all of the information has just been posted on Bader SharePoint. The position is open to any CFAV - CI/SNCO/WO or Officer applications will all be considered.

If you want to help shape the future of the RAFACs Digital journey, this role will enable you to do that!

If you have questions but don’t want to show your hand as yet, please feel free to drop me a PM and very happy to chat informally.

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Just to note a slight discrepancy as the post says “Officers/WO/SNCO/Civilian Instructor” but the TORs say “a secondary duty role for any uniformed RAFAC CFAV”. :slight_smile:

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I suppose of you had a comms manager they might pick up on something like that :wink:


Exactly :wink:

Happy to take applications from CIs :+1:

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