VR(T) Commission Change


The line between CAA and CFAV can become burred. They could be CAAing one minute and CFAVing the next. The rule book says that it is TOIL first as their contract has a set number of hours. If they use these hours doing their normal day to day work then they claim VA, but this does not necessarily reflect the role they will perform on the weekend. Being British, I have never asked my CAA about what he gets paid for weekends so I don’t know what happens in reality.


Interesting. Anyway thread creep here! Sorry my fault!


Reading the London Gazette today I notice that some RAFVR(T) officers are being extended up to 2021.


It’s only a paper exercise or more correctly rename the field in a database to change everyone to whatever we’ll end up getting called.


Expect a very large volume of relinquishments or transfers come April :slight_smile:


In the second survey it annoyed me that I couldn’t rate everything the bottom score. I didn’t bother in the end as the powers that been have already decided to keep a tenuous link to the RAF, expressly for their purposes.


But mainly to annoy you.


I don’t think I’d be alone in thinking it has already been decided.


I didn’t fill it in either as I didn’t like any of the suggestions.
We have a perfectly good identifier already which identifies who we are it is worn by our NCOs and is ATC. Since I joined this organisations in the 1980s it has been called the Air Training Corps and nobody has ever told me that our name has changed. Yes, we have been rebranded the RAF Air Cadets but nobody has told me that we are not to use the Name Air Training Corps or not to refer to us as such.


The slow slide to remove/ignore the name ‘Air Training Corps’ has been unsettling for some time. What is wrong with it? Correct me if I’m wrong but Royal Air Force Air Cadets doesn’t have a Royal warrant.


I would take this a step further - if one of the main reasons to move away from VRT is to distinguish between the deployable Reserve and ourselves, why would the SCC be allowed to keep their honorary RNR? It doesn’t make sense?

Additionally, will the Regional Commandants and the indeed Commandant go over to the new structure (from RAFR / VRT)? I’m not sure they’ll be deploying any time soon…


I would also ask, is this the time to distinguish between CCF and ‘ATC’ Officers?

It would make sense for all 3 branches of CCF Officer to wear that Identifier - much in the same way our Cadets use different Cap Badges.


given we still wear the Air Training Corps beret badge, the Air Training Corps brassard “mudguard” and SNCOs are with “ATC” pins it would seem we still are very much using the name (if only for ease of changing uniform) even if those upstairs in the Ivory Towers don’t!!


Ooooh they’re already no commitment FTRS and getting overpaid. Not sure they’d appreciate being just like us and needing a real job and giving up weekends. But then again they could get a 3 day job at Tesco, Aldi, B&Q and similar collecting shopping trolleys/stacking shelves and then do the ATC for 2 days a week.


Noah Claypole that’s what I said in response to the first survey. The option isn’t there in the second…

That said, RNR(CCF) don’t wear CCF idents either


I don’t think that the SCC will be honorary RNR, rather the ‘wavy Navy’ rank will be used to distinguish SCC officers with a cadet forces commission. It’s a slightly different situation to keeping VR(T) pins, which would be analogous to their actually having ‘RNR’ written on their uniform.


‘offshorerelief’ posted (#531) a link to a statement from Captain Sea Cadets stating that they will keep their Hon. RNR.

To my mind, the Wavy Rings are the same as VRT pins - both identify Cadet Force Officers from all other Officers.


Hadn’t spotted that - although the link is a little unclear as to what that will actually mean.


You seem to be getting excited by the term Honorary Rank. Let’s be clear the term Honorary has little real meaning, pretty much like a Kentucky Colonel, only that SCC Officers will be treated with the usual courtesy by Naval officers. After 1st April they may use SCC as their post nominal .

Regarding the use of RNR post nominals, it remains to be seen if they will continue using them. At the moment, they clarify their status as CFAV when writing by using LT(SCC) Nelson RNR.


Not excited - if you read my posts - I am trying to understand why (of the 2 main reasons given for the VRT to move across to a Cadet Commission) the removal of the reserve element from the Cadet Forces apparently seems to be inconsistent based on 1) the staff remaining on Reserved based engagements in the ACO and 2) another Cadet Force (who have the least amount of MoD sponsorship) retaining what they had to start with?

Its all about the principle - if the reason to change Commissions was not about the ‘confusion’ with the deployable reserve, then it should have been openly stated from the outset.