Volunteer Software Development Team - New Cadet Portal


Im certainley looking foward to it! Especially the staff portal side


Thanks James. I think the problem most squadrons are facing is that you can’t get accurate information from Ultilearn in order to update SMS. In our case you run a report of exams by learner and what you get back is missing exams that have been passed. When the cadet logs in they see what they have passed but its not reflected in the report. As an admin when you login you can’t see what an individual cadet has passed without running the report so you end up running separate spreadsheets and double entry to know where you’re at. So yes you can manually update SMS but we need the information to be able to do that. From what I can gather there are a few of us on this forum that have logged support tickets about this but nothing has happened. In my case I supplied screen shot evidence to try and help with identifying a pattern but there has been no feedback.


Again, I don’t disagree with any of that but Ultilearn and how it interfaces with SMS is outside of the scope of Cadet Portal but my team will be involved in the wider stuff over time.

I will do a proper Cadet Portal update on here probably this afternoon.


This might have been mentioned elsewhere but under the classifications tab for a particular cadet (who has been authorised to take Ultilearn exams) there is a section at the bottom of the page that shows " Ultilearn Classification Results". I’ve used this to manually update the classification when I’ve seen the relevant combo (3 x LC exams / 3 x SNR/MAC + 3 x Different SNR/MAC exams) completed.

I appreciate this is a one by one checking process for updating records.


This is the problem… that section of SMS mirrors the report so you cannot rely on what it tells you. We have 85 cadets and keeping track of who has what is a complete nightmare. The only real way to find out is to login to Ultilearn as the cadet or get them to send a screen shot of what they see. I can pretty much guarantee some of your cadets are missing exam passes when viewed via a report or through their record on SMS.


Sorry James, I didn’t mean to imply the good work you and the team were doing was nothing less than fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing the portal go corp wide. You can probably tell there is a lot of frustration with what we have for exams, if the reports worked it would be good enough but sadly we have issues that makes it an administrative nightmare and it consumes so much time just trying to give the cadets the recognition for the exams they have achieved.