Volunteer Software Development Team - New Cadet Portal


The advice we have been asked to provide for this situation is that you should speak to Wg Cdr CCF in the first instance…


Thanks. Will do.


Will the CCF be locked out, or will it just only ‘sort of work’ for them?


Will qualifications that don’t attract a badge be displayed? Things like climatic injuries, ELA, radio assessor/instructor etc?


With HQACs mindset, i fear a weather badge for climatic insuries and a H&S badge as a ball of cotton wool could be just around the corner!


Yes, we have a page within the training area which displays all of the qualifications and awards not covered by a relevant badge like this:

Negative, I would say the opposite is true.


Theyre getting rid of badges?


No, they are just pushing the costs onto Squadrons


Badges are under constant review at a senior level within the Organisation - and I will leave it there.


If they provide less, I assume subs will reduce … already pushed ID badges onto Sqn’s :thinking:




If its a case of sqns buying their own thats fine. As we already do. As the supply chain is “shoddy”.

However… if the review is to change or remove badges HQAC can go do unspeakable things to themselves as all sqns have invested time and money in this system now.


if you DO want to fiddle, then:
Fix gliding, flying, shooting, voluteer overload, paperwork overload, etc etc

That is all.


And all of the above is well beyond the scope of the development of Cadet Portal and SMS.

In some regions, a Challenge Everything policy is in place and volunteers are encouraged to provide constructive challenge back to the Chain of Command and I would encourage you to adopt this approach for the above…


Who should i email…

My sector officer - powerless.
Wing commander- utterly useless
Wexo - too busy
Gp capt?

Using CoC it should be the first one. But that only works if the CoC is empowered and able!

I cant email anyone at HQAC direct as thats A BIG no no under CoC rules.


You could post it in the ask the team area on Sharepoint and see what Group Captain North has to say? He’s normally quite helpful.


I hadnt thought of that.


Will the backend issues with Ultilearn be fixed as part of the cadet portal project? Let me explain…

Lots of other posts about cadet exam passes not showing on reports run on Ultilearn. When the report is wrong the classification section of the cadet record on SMS is wrong. Based on this I’m assuming the details that will show in the cadet portal will be wrong. Is this on a list somewhere?


At the moment, classifications are manually changed by staff based on the Ultilearn results and this won’t change as a result of Cadet Portal.

However, proper integration with Ultilearn and SMS is very much on the roadmap and will be addressed after this big next release of SMS.


The annoying thing is the message across the board seems to be “jam tomorrow” but as we all know tomorrow never comes, or not in the ATC at any rate.


I’d much rather see the basics delivered well and soon, than @james_elliott promise the world and it never arrive!

I think that’s something that gives me faith in this project - there appears to be a well defined scope, and feature creep doesn’t appear to be happening.