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What a good idea!!!


Would it be simpler to have one where the cadet clicks the badge they have and it’s populated on the template?

I can see a benefit to something like this, but is it great enough to warrant the work over simply showing the completed template as we already have?


We did briefly consider this but it is not something we are planning on doing yet :slight_smile: Certainly not in MVP!


I’m not sure - it’s a pretty complex set of regulations and a nice, easy (and - importantly - 100% correct as per regs) representation of exactly how your brassard should look would probably make life easier.


Perhaps time to argue to simplify the business rules then :wink: ?


That’s a shame… please consider it for the future!

PS I take my hat off to you and the team for all the hard work, great job chaps


Looks good. Will it scale easily to Wing-organised events?

Can you manage pre-requisites to attend a course (e.g. cadets holding swimming proficiencies, valid WHTs etc)?

Is there going to be any re-work of the approvals workflow - in terms of who can approved what etc?


Great. Look forward to seeing it.


Take a look at the SMS Activities Workplace (Part of the Valuing our Volunteers work) there is a draft policy change for approvals there, which you can comment on


I know… I already have. That is focussed primarily at unit level and for straightforward activities without dedicated rules such as AT/fieldcraft etc; I’m interested more in how the approvals for Wing level activities and above might be amended for the more complicated activities such as AT / FC / shooting. Things such as self-authorisation / who to route the activity to for approval etc. and what that is likely to become.


I have added it to the wish list so we can at least have a serious discussion about it. I think the worry is that it will be a difficult thing to maintain over time and we worry about how it would look. But there is clearly some feeling about it and we will give it some further attention once we are through MVP.

Here you go, just to prove I am not just saying words!


Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:

Yes, the multi-Squadron events will cater for that. Hypothetically, you could run a multi-Squadron event with all 960+ Squadrons attending if you wanted to. I don’t think what would be a good thing to try out though :wink:

We are looking at that after MVP. Eligibility is possible but it is quite complex and subtle and there needs to be an ‘override’ ability. I think the first baby step towards this will be on age as that is quite simple to start with and then we can ink-bloom out from there.

As others have said, this is well beyond the scope of what my team are tasked with. The VoV Activities Working Group are actively looking at this side of thing although I know the chap running it is struggling to get meaningful engagement from those signed up to the group - so I am sure they would welcome your feedback!


In an effort to reduce the number of repeat questions we are getting, we have been working on an FAQ document which has been approved by the Chain. SharePoint announcement next week and we will also publish this on bader.mod.uk somewhere.

For now, you can have a read here: Cadet Portal FAQs



Looks good, and even answers the stupid questions just to be sure :+1:


Watched the you tube presentation from start to finish.This is a very good piece of work.Well done James.


Thanks! Sorry you had to listen to 30 minutes of my voice!



All, quick update from our end on how things are going:

  • Penetration and Security testing has a delayed start of next Monday due to some issues with 90 SU
  • RCN has emailed the other Regional Commandants yesterday asking for 2 Squadrons per region to be nominated for the Beta Testing phase - so that’s 12 Squadrons in total. Beta Testing will be for about 8 weeks (unless we have to make it longer for whatever reason) and the Regional Commandants have been asked for their Sqn nominations by 21 Dec
  • We are currently working on the Beta Testing materials to support the Squadrons which will include cadet and staff briefings, posters, Skype for Business planned Q&A sessions etc
  • We have just published a new page on the Bader Landing page for Cadet Portal to host bits and bobs and provide a bit of a one-stop shop - available at https://www.bader.mod.uk/cadetportal.aspx
  • New videos are currently in production/approval for automated TG21 production and the new SMS Events Management module - should hopefully be available and published to the YouTube channel before Christmas
  • Command Board have come back and accepted our recommendations on cadets being able to edit their own data (1) cadets should be able to update some fields without staff approval (not including DoB etc) (2) cadets should able to update NOK data but staff will have to approve all changes to NOK data etc. This is great news as the decision informs our development.
  • We have just had permission from RCN to do some analysis work on the Cadet CV and how that can be improved, automated and hopefully provided through Cadet Portal directly to the cadets - there is a lot of work there
  • SMS development for the new Events module etc is all going really well and all of the requirements you guys have helped us with for selecting cadets etc is looking ace!
  • Current development sprint for Cadet Portal is focused on Event attachments downloads and additional comments for when a cadet adds their name to a list (i.e. diet requirements, other information etc)
  • There’s a lot of work going on with infrastructure which I can’t publish here, but lots of positive movement

So, all going really well :slight_smile:

As ever, happy to answer any questions.




New SMS Events Management video coming to
YouTube hopefully tomorrow :+1:


Looking forward to the video @james_elliott


As @james_elliott can’t post for now due to some forum restriction - the video is available here:


Thanks ladies and gents, appreciated!

Yes, video is live :+1: