Virtual Airline Flying

Gotten back into flying through Fsx on Steam, anyone else here virtually fly? I joined recently and hoping they add my request of the grob tutor from iris simulations :grin:

Its good to get into FSX. I recommend, if you haven’t already, getting a VATSIM account as its a good way to do both IFR and VFR with virtual ATC along the way.

I doubt vBA will accept a tutor… maybe with a BA livery :joy:

Many moons ago when i used to dabble I VA stuff I used to find VATSIM far too serious

Sounds like an accountancy life sim.

Just as dull

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All my flights are flown on Vatsim, I get some controllers who think it’s real and take it way to seriously which makes me shake my head quite often :joy: I got a message back from one of the staff chaps and he said he will add a tutor 2moro if I send him a link to the aircraft specifics and it gets flown. Already looking forward to getting set up and disconnecting from the stress of the kids climbing the walls

There is an Air Cadet Virtual Airline which operates via Discord

It’s not a real airline sim unless it’s got a crewing department. Those who’ve done it in anger will understand. :crazy_face:


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Ah you mean the screwing dept