Virgin Orbit - First orbital space launch from UK

Live stream should be starting soon:

No guarantees anything exciting happens tonight, but fingers crossed!

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Aircraft on the move!

Just lifted

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The stream so far has been pretty poor quality all-round, especially compared to how Space-X and NASA does it :sweat_smile:

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Quickly up to 12k ft

UK space launch: Historic Cornwall rocket launch ends in failure - BBC News

Another glorious addition to the repitoire of the Virgin brand…

Uk Plc needed this to work.

It was the first time. I’m sure they’ll get some useful data to use to improve things.

How many failures did Space X have?

Weren’t they ‘unplanned disassemblies’ or some such phrase?

It’s rocket science and rocket science is hard.


This was their 6th launch. The past 4 launches went well! The first year launch also failed, so it’s not 4/6 for successful launches!

It was however the first to take off from UK soil.

Good thing is its not a ‘failure’ of the UK operation.


My bad. All the reports were saying first time. But 4/6 successes is pretty damn good

For those of an older generation. The RAF was due to get Skybolt as a nuclear deterrent from the US, first five failed IIRC and the sixth was successful, then the project was cancelled. At that point the RN were able to get Polaris.

There is a Skybolt at the museum at Cosford.

Well it was good while it lasted, sounds like the financial repercussions of the failure have resulted in them furloughing all the staff until more funds can be secured.

Aaaaand that’s the end of that.

Well as it’s space…


But Virgin Galactic had a good launch yesterday… maybe time to buy more shares at $3 a pop

Virgin Galactic is completely separate from Virgin Orbit.

I know… just its not all bad news for the conglomerate.

And i assume some of the tech and specialist knowledge was transferred across.

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