VGS Staff Cadets and the G brevet


Note: this doesn’t apply to me but I’m curious…

If a VGS staff cadet gains a RAF glider brevet, as shown above, are they entitled to wear it on the breast of their jersey?


Yes, but positioned as other cadet flying badges:

Ref from AP1358C 0418. Cadet Flying Badges


Yes, it’s specifically stated in AP1358C that if the Glider Pilot ‘wings’ are worn by a cadet then that badge is to be worn and not any Gliding Proficency Badges


So it goes on the patch and not on the breast?


I have found a photo of an ex-cadet I know who was so qualified - the ‘wings’ are on the jersey patch, rather than on the breast. On occasions when the cadet wore No1s (CWO LLC), the ‘wings’ were worn on above the breast pocket.

When said cadet became uniformed staff the badge migrated to the breast on both uniforms


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