Vango Stove Recall (And also OEX now)

If any of you, or your units, use Vango folding stoves that were purchased in the last couple of years, they need checking in case they need recalling! Details below.

@redowling this might be worth an email announcement from HQ? This style of foldable/screw in are pretty popular with Sqns.

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This has been pumped out broadly in SW, so should have good visibility there.


Good to hear, but I’ve not seen anything from RAFAC sources. Think I saw this on the outdoor gear exchange page!

Did you see the pic of the one that “popped”?

Personally, if that happened to me, I’d have pooped as well!

Flagged to Andy so I assume he’ll put something out if he wasn’t planning to already.

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FYI, there is also now a recall on OEX stoves. A new safety alert has been issued to give some detail.

If you or your unit has purchased either OEX or Vango stoves since Sep 2022, please do check!

Stand by for the “Pause” on all expeditions until HQ assess the use of all stoves.


I look forward to having 2 permitted varieties of stove, and the introduction of stove handling tests to be completed every 6 months.


Fortunately those in the AT world are generally more sensible than this.


I don’t think the likes of you or Andy would go mad and do something like that. But I wouldn’t put it past certain Of-5s and above who might see this and have an over reaction!