Vango F10 lightweight tents - durability?

'sup dawgs…

My Sqn, and separately, my local scout district, are looking to get some tents that can be used both for DofE type trips, and for ‘basecamp’ trips where you pitch the tent for a few days in one location.

Obviously, if it’s being carried, then weight is an issue for 12/13/14yo’s, but as group tents, so is durability, both to the weather - Northumberland/Borders/Cumbria/Dumfries & Galloway - but also to excited/occasionally careless kids.

I’m looking at the Vango F10 Ultralight range - the Xenon 2and the Xenon 2 + - and they look like they tick the boxes, at around 2kg - my only concern is the durability of the fabrics: 15 Denier…:grimacing:

I’m wondering whether we’re going to buy something that will last a season - if that - or if they are ok for what we need?

Otherwise we’re look at so e of the Nordic offerings - Fjallraven, Nordisk - and the more classic Vango range, but all are heavier,which impacts on the kids ability to carry them higher and further, this reducing the adventure element…

Views, ideas, experience?


I’ve no RAFAC experience with Force 10s butbfrom my Scout day it was never the fabric that failed but the triangle “T- piece” that forms the ridge pole that fails.

I’m not suggesting its a common issue, simply where the failures were.

F10s are goof solid choices, i know many Sqns do use them. They split nicely to share the weight between a DoE team and are easy to use.