VA for first aid courses

Can I claim VA (with appropriate approval) for attending a civilian FAAW course?

Check ACP 300, the current exact list of activities you can claim VA for is in there.

Yes, and it says RAFAC FAW courses, hence the question as I don’t believe there are any I can go on? If there were, where would I find them?

I would say if it is on SMS and has an approved number then yes, but I’ve not done it personally. I’ve had it for civilian AT courses that give us a qualification no one in the ACO runs and spoke to the WATTO and WExO to give them the heads up first

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Actually you’ve given me an idea - I’ll look on Westminster to see if there are any Army-run courses I could attend which would be easier to get approved.

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and… no, not within a reasonable time frame. I gave up at March.

Yes but that is specifically authorised in ACP 300. Technically requires Region approval, but external AT is allowed.

FA isnt mentioned in the same way.

Maybe just put in a claim and see if you get it!

I’ve asked the CCF branch at Cranwell. I’ll see what they say. They are mostly working from home at the mo so I can’t ring them.

@tmmorris email he has some courses running in Hampshire and Thames Valley if they are close enough for you.

Thanks, I will - they might be.

PS realised when I sent the email I know him, too, having bumped into him in his day job while on camp last year and got chatting about cadet things.

Let us know what they say. I’ve got one coming up. Would be good to recoup some of the outlay