Usernames on system transfer

On the transfer my username has added underscores to it. What’s the easiest way to fix it?

I had the same thing happen - this caused an issue with re-setting my password on first log in to the new site. Harrumph!!

If you click your avatar top right then click Preferences you should be able to change your username by clicking the pencil icon next to your name.

This forum is based on your email address rather than your username so changes are allowed.

If there’s no pencil it means I haven’t turned that bit on so let me know :wink:



No pencil seen I’m afraid

Have another try, I’ve adjusted a setting :wink:

Nope. Got the icon to edit my email, but not username. I’m viewing via mobile version.

No pencil by the name indicating that I can edit it, and I’m viewing on a laptop.

Hmmm, very odd! PM me what you would like it changed to, I don’t think you can have spaces, and I’ll change them.

In the mean time I’ll look into the settings :wink: