Use of phones during camp

Are you allowed to take/use your phone during camp?

Generally speaking most camp staff will have no issue with you taking your phone.
You will however find restrictions on its use.

There is no set policy, it is down to the individual camp commandant to decide what the policy will be on their week of camp.

There will certainly be a photographic policy. You will be told “no photographs unless you are specifically told otherwise”. The Station staff will then tell where you can and can’t take photos for each visit.
Much like you probably have at school there will likely be a rule that says you don’t have your phones out (unless taking photos where permitted) during the working day. What they don’t want are cadets playing on their phones at every opportunity. Particularly when you’re visiting sections of the station.

In your down-time then phones are generally not a problem, and I’ve never known anyone to forbid them.

At night time you may be required to hand your phone into the office - so keep that in mind and take a small travel alarm clock in case.

Also bear in mind that if you are allowed to use phones e.g. to call home in the evenings* then there may be a ban on talking on phones outside in certain areas. Unlikely to be a problem outside the cadet accommodation but worth asking just in case. You don’t want to find out by being shouted at…

*Calling home isn’t a good cure for homesickness; indeed it makes it worse. No idea if you are prone to this but the best cure is to get stuck in to the activities. You’ll make new friends anyway.

Thanks for your replies!

i once heard that irrespective of who took the photo if “within the wire” it is subject to Crown Copyright and is owned by the Crown…?

As a rule, take as many photos in the accommodation block/communal areas where downtime occurs - the rest of the time will either be inappropriate (the mess hall), or you’ll be too busy on activity

I have heard that, but I don’t think it has any basis in law. That would be a topic split though.

Not necessarily - I have some great photos of cadets dressed up in survival gear, for example, and Survival Equipment Section were very happy for me to take them once I had asked. That’s really the crucial rule.

i didn’t state it as a rule or statement of fact.

typically i am too busy enjoying myself to take photos on a camp, yes there are exceptions and of course asking first is the way forward